Scene from the Thai version of the Ramayana – the Ramakien – Vishnu (Witsanu) transforms into a boar to kill the demon Hiranyaksha (Hiranta) who curls the earth up in an attempt to take over the world

A boar woke me up in my dreams. I was all sprawled out on a tallish lounge chair and this boar comes snorting around my feet, that I pulled in my legs and chuckled and smiled at the fellow! Then I remembered that night before I read about a boar incarnation of Vishnu called Varaha who lifted the earth out of a primordial ocean with his tusks. Actually I had to look the name up this morning, it just mentioned a “boar incarnation” along with a tortoise and fish and I remember saying to myself, “a boar?” that’s an uncanny animal for a heavenly being to be presenting himself as!

My oh my, life certainly is not boring these days. I tell you. I liked that dream LOL

From Wikipedia where they have a whole slew of information I snipped this tidbit:

The Agni Purana mentions the obliteration of the demon Hiranyaksha as Varaha’s main purpose.[79] The Linga Purana and the Kurma Purana narrate that the daitya (demon; lit. “son of Diti“) Hiranyaksa defeats the gods and entraps the earth in the subterranean realm. Taking the Varaha form, Vishnu slays the demon by piercing him by his tusks. Later, he uplifts the earth from the netherworld and restores her to her original position.[98][99][100] The Linga Purana continues further: Later, Vishnu discards his boar body and returns to his heavenly abode; the earth cannot bear the weight of his tusk. Shiva relieves the earth by using the same as an ornament. “

There’s so much here, and it’s ALL new now to me in the past 12 hours. A gigantic “Space Boar” bigger than mountains whose bellow frightened Varuna came wading into the newly created cosmic soup that the Earth was trapped in to literally “lift up” the earth with his tusks! The “Heaven on Earth” theme generally has two approaches… we have to not only bring Heaven down to Earth, but we must also lift Earth up to Heaven, it works both ways, and here’s a boar come visiting my dreams just for that task.. Well, my particular world, this boar dream was potent to be sure and has indeed perhaps, “lifted” me out of a bit of a funk. LOL

earlier in same Wikipedia article:

The Ayodhya Kanda book of the epic Ramayana refers to Varaha retaining his connection to Prajapati-Brahma. In a cosmogonic myth, Brahma appears in the primal universe full of water and takes the form of a boar to lift the earth from the waters; creation begins with Brahma and his progeny.[31][32][15] The Yuddha Kanda book of the epic praises Rama (the hero of the epic, who is identified with Vishnu) as “the single-tusked boar”, which is interpreted as an allusion to Varaha and links Varaha with Vishnu.[33][34][35] In the epic MahabharataNarayana (“one who lies in the waters”, an appellation of Brahma which was later transferred to Vishnu) is praised as the one who rescues the earth as a boar.[36][37]

The Puranas complete the full transition of Varaha from the form of Prajapati-Brahma to the avatar of Narayana-Vishnu. The Brahmanda Purana, the Vayu Purana, the Vishnu Purana, the Linga Purana, the Markendeya Purana, the Kurma Purana, the Garuda Purana, the Padma Purana and the Shiva Purana have similar narratives of the cosmogonic myth, wherein Brahma, identified with Narayana-Vishnu, takes the Varaha form to raise the earth from the primeval waters.[38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45

[46]The Brahmanda Purana, one of the oldest Puranas, narrates that in the present kalpa (“aeon”) called Varaha kalpa, Brahma wakes from his slumber. Brahma is called Narayana (“he who lies in the waters”).[41] The Vayu Purana says that Brahma roams as the wind in the waters, which is interpreted as allusion to the Vedic Taittiriya Brahmana version.[42] Similarly alluding to the Vedic version, the detailed Brahmanda Purana version says that Brahma is “invisible” and a shorter summary says that he becomes the wind.[47] In the Brahmanda Purana, realizing that the earth was in the waters, he decides to take the form of Varaha as the beast likes to sport in the water.[48] Similar reasons for taking the boar form particularly are also given in the Linga Purana,[49] the Matsya Purana[50] and the Vayu Purana.[51][52] The Vishnu Purana adds that Brahma-Narayana decides to take the form of Varaha, similar to the forms of the fish (Matsya) and tortoise (Kurma), he took in previous kalpas.[53][54]

So in earlier scriptures, the scholars are saying Varuha was Brahma, which then got switched to Vishnu as related in first snippet. Numerous other versions of his story exist apparently, amazing the tropes you never thought about, but that were revisited over thousands of years in Vedic culture.. Giant cosmic boar being wades into primordial mucky waters to save and lift up earth as she was being dunked and folded up by a planet destroying demon! Heaven forbid!


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